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frog looking over rock isolatedWe just noticed that the lovely alternative agency StrawberryFrog is talking about cultural movements on their website. Specifically, that they create cultural movements for their clients.

To quote: “Today, consumers don’t just want to buy brands, they want to BUY IN to what a brand believes in.”

Hear hear, Frog! Absolutely dead on.

This is totally backed up by the recent work of anthropologists who (more…)


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Saturn grows up and moves out

“See ya, Mom and Dad. I’m outta here.”

saturn_logo1Ah, Saturn, finally ready to get an apartment of its own. About time. GM is like the narcissistic parents who suck the life out of a kid and then complain the slouch doesn’t help around the house.

As far as I can see, Saturn is the one American car brand that, given the freedom to be who it is, could really inspire hope among consumers. It once did. I remember. I was just getting into the ad business (more…)

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Our Lovejoy Vodka designs

Our Lovejoy Vodka designs

We just got the HOW Design Annual and found we had two winners in it. A Packaging Merit for our label and bottle design system for Lovejoy Vodka, created for our client Integrity Spirits, and an Identity Merit for our own ID Branding identity system.

Thank you once again, Integrity Spirits. Your products are amazing.

– Doug


The ID Branding identity system

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Facebook’s big oops

facebook-logoWow. There it is, an instant example of the difference between a brand’s product and a brand’s values. I’m talking about yesterday.

In the morning I was reading outraged postings about Facebook’s new Terms Of Service, (more…)

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How evil is Adbase?

adbaseUm, well, let’s see. Somewhere between local car dealer advertising and Satan.

Why? Because they have made me hate photographers. And I love photographers.

If you haven’t felt their talons sinking into your tender parts yet, Adbase is (more…)

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I was alerted to this by Dylan Boyd at Eroi.

The wife and the son of Stephan Martinez were struck with cancer at the same time. That feels like a cause worthy of a fundraiser.

Stephan is Operations Manager at LAIKA/house here in Portland – the internal (more…)

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