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The new ID-ology is at www.IDbranding.com/idology

We’re relocating our blog to www.IDbranding.com/idology and we’ve made some great new improvements that allow our readers a better glimpse at who we are and what exactly our agency has to contribute to this whole branding thing. Our entire archive of articles has been migrated to the new site–so don’t worry about losing any of our classic posts, its all there waiting for you. Thanks for listening, learning, and contributing, we’ll see you at the new ID-ology!


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Now’s your chance to go to Powell’s City of Books (the downtown store) and get your picture taken with your name on the Powell’s marquee — an honor usually reserved for great authors and other luminaries.

It’s fun. It’s free. It’s digital, so you can share it with your friends. And you won’t have to risk your life by standing in the middle of Burnside to do it.

As a nice bonus, you can sign up to get a 20% discount on your next Powells.com purchase (online only). That doesn’t hurt.

The photo booth will be up till September 25.

– Doug

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The bees are buzzing

We just created this nifty little device for monitoring conversations, tweets, media reports, etc. on certain topics. We call it “The Buzz.” Right now we are monitoring electric cars. And not just the big brands, but rather some of the innovative upstarts. Check it out here. Go ahead, click on a bee and see what happens.

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Well, it’s up.

Our new web site. A web site that more accurately suits our clothes, as they sometimes say about the weather. A web site that is the seed of something new. A web site that is a process, rather than a product.

Our new site is simply divided into ideas and people. Everything we do or care about certainly fits under one or the other category. We’ve launched with just enough content to give visitors a sense of where this web site is going. But it’s the future content that will make it complete.

In fact, it will never be complete. How perfect.

We’ll be adding the ability for readers to comment on everything, and for every employee to add to it at whim. Our dream is to make it a web site driven by collaborative content creation, by contributions of you, our readers, and by time and the changing world.  Our hope is that this becomes an ongoing conversation.

Next step is to get our content management systems built so that anyone within the agency can add content at any time. Content which will invite you and other readers to add to it. And the comments component, so you can join in. We want this site to be a real-time dialog about what we’re thinking about and how we do things here.

Eventually the blog will be folded into the site, so that people can blog from within it. But for now it’s still separate.

Hope you enjoy what’s there already, and recognize that we’re really not even showing the potential that’s inherent in the design yet. But we’re working on that.

– Doug

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Gayle Troberman

Good news today, if you are a Microsoft fan. They just appointed a Chief Creative Officer.

Now, was the news greeted with the expected barrage of cynicism? Of course. But for me, it further supports my theory that there’s a gradual revolution going on at Microsoft. The company is growing up and becoming a skillful marketing organization.

(Full disclosure: we do some work with Microsoft. So you can ignore everything I say if you want.)

Not an easy transition for an ultra-technology-driven company that keeps its emotions behind a firewall. Apple was fortunate that they had both technology and marketing genius at the top. Microsoft has just not depended on marketing the way most of its Fortune 500 sibs have. I think the organization is realizing that it’s time to get serious about getting really good at this thing. World-class good.

I hope I’m right. I’m pretty sure I’m right. I see this revolution (gradual as it may seem to outsiders) happening at various points distributed throughout this unimaginably huge entity. (Is it a single entity?) I’ve witnessed it ramping up over the last year or two. The appointment of Gayle Troberman is further evidence of this. From my brief experience with her a long time ago, she’s got the guts and spirit and sense of humor you want in this position.

It’s heartening.

– Doug

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It’s all part of the same coming conversation. It’s a picture of where we’re all going.

– Doug

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If you don’t have this book yet, by the inimitable Grant McCracken, then you must purchase it immediately. Conversation will ensue.

– Doug

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