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Glancing at the wordpress report on the search terms people used the most to reach our blog, I found poetry.

isaac newton
sir isaac newton
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el lissitzky

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angelI had the most marvelous encounter today. A transportation, really. It seemed an angel all clad in billowy white descended from the blinding heavens, grasped my hand, and carried me up to the lofty heights of pure delight. An angel named Alaska Airlines.

At least, that’s how my flight from Portland to Chicago felt today.

In contrast, my US Airlines experience of a few weeks ago was Dante’s field trip to the deepest, most sulfurous levels of air travel hell, where winged Gila monsters bite your limbs and tenders while two fiery demons bugger you with a spiny lobster.Bosch

At least, that’s how it felt.

Oh, yes, US Airlines could have gotten me to Chicago cheaper. But I was resolute, paid my slightly higher tariff, and took the path of righteous customer service.

It’s hard to believe that both companies are in the same business. It was such a staggering difference.

Thanks, Alaska. Begone, US Airlines!

– Doug

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Adelsheim_bottleIt’s wine. No question.

Fire was a good discovery, but we didn’t invent it. It just kind of happened naturally and we learned to repeat it. The wheel’s pretty rocking, but not nearly as satisfying. (Except maybe when I’m riding my motorcycle.) Sex…that was invented by some crawling mud things way before we came along.

Wine is one of the few human inventions that became a god. And it is the greatest thing we ever did for ourselves. One reason I love the business I’m in is because we get to work with both the Oregon Wine Board and Adelsheim as clients.

Which means drinking wine is work, really.

Here’s a nice article in the NY Times that talks about some Oregon wines. I love what he’s saying about boring American wines. We don’t make many up this way.

Yeah…I’ve got some work to do at home tonight.


– Doug

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We, the good folks of ID Branding, create stunning solutions for our clients. Sometimes one of us also gets inebriated and creates a children’s story. 

My dear friends Tawnya and Rick were expecting the arrival of Baby Boy George any moment. The baby shower was planned, cake was ordered, bubbly was stocked, spirits were high. On the day of the gathering, George, in his first inconsiderate act, decided to make a break for it. An understandably rattled Rick called from the hospital asking me and my girl Ali to camp out at their house to inform arriving guests that the deal was off.

Fast forward to us breaking into a second bottle of Champagne in the sunny backyard. We decided to leave them a special “welcome home” greeting. I dug through their personal possessions and found a marker, paper and some potato chips. The accompanying story was taped on the walls of their living room.

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