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So here’s something I’ve learned in a new way recently. It’s that we, the advertising, branding, design and interactive firms of the world, are being re-valued by our clients every day. It’s like there’s a stock ticker inside the client’s head and the numbers are constantly going up and down.

transvestiteNot that clients haven’t always evaluated us, but it used to happen over much longer intervals. Once or twice a year rather than constantly.

I’ve seen two Portland agencies shut their doors in the past year, both of which had been around for decades. And I think I see another one teetering on the brink.  Many others have cut back employees or cut back pay.

Heck, we’ve all had our scares recently. But I think the problem is some agencies are assuming they’re offering value to their clients when, in the client’s head, maybe they were yesterday, but not today.

It can be very unsettling to embrace doubt and self-questioning. It’s one of the great paradoxes of this business – that we must act boldly and confidently and yet we must constantly wonder if we could be doing things differently.

An agency can go from attracting millions of dollars in revenue one year to closed down the next. And, (more…)


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